Dry Cleaning

Q1: Are you an environmentally friendly dry cleaner?

    • Yes, we follow guidelines set out by the government of Canada.
    • We use K4 Dry Cleaning, which is an environmentally biodegradable cleaning solution and energy-saving technology that offers exceptional cleaning and production results. The basic component of the system is a halogen-free solvent that when used properly eliminates environmental risk to air, soil, and water. In addition, The K4 system is hypo-allergenic and has been tested by dermatologists.

Q2: Why is it called “DRY” cleaning, do the items get wet?

    • The articles do get wet with the solvent as it acts like water, then it dries in the machine.

Q3: What is the difference between dry cleaning and laundering?

    • Dry cleaning involves the use of dry-cleaning solvents in a special machine that washes and dries clothes in one cycle. Laundering involves the use of water to “wash” clothes in a washing machine. Both dry cleaning and laundering (wet cleaning) processes include a pre-spotting process and then the cleaning in either the dry-cleaning machine or the washing machine.

Q4: Do you have a price list?

    • We don’t have a print-out list, but we can look up a price for you.

Q5: Do you provide coupons, discounts, or promotions?

    • If you go to our website (www.foothillscleaners.ca) you can find and print off some coupons. We also take all competitors coupons and offer monthly promotions.

Q6: How long does it take to have alterations done?

    • It typically takes one week. If it is a more intricate repair or alteration, the tailor/seamstress will need to see the item and give you a quote and completion date.

Q7: When can I expect to have my cleaning ready?

    • We will have your cleaning done in 2 business days. If an item is stained, we would prefer to have 3-4 days to ensure that we can pay special attention to removing the stain.
    • Larger items (for example: wedding gowns, drapes, leather, and suedes) need anywhere from 1 week to 1 month.

Q8: Do you offer quick same day service?

    • Yes, we do. If we receive your items early in the day and the items are not badly stained, we will be able to have your order ready the same day.

Q9: Do you clean leathers and suedes?

    • Yes, we do. There are risks to cleaning these items and will require a 50% deposit and a waiver form.

Q10: Do you offer wedding gown cleaning and preservation? What is the process?

    • Yes, we do. We belong to the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists.
    • We use the safest and most effective method for the cleaning and preservation of your wedding gown.
    • All gowns are carefully inspected prior to cleaning for any damage, stains, special cleaning instructions and loose or missing beads.

Q11: Do you offer a regular home pick-up and delivery schedule?

    • We pick-up and deliver on Tuesdays.

Q12: How do I sign up for pick-up and delivery service?

    • Call any one of our locations and we can make arrangements. All we need is a credit card on file to process your orders.

Carpet Cleaning

Q1: How long will it take my carpet to dry after cleaning?

    • After the cleaning process is complete, the carpet typically takes about 6 to 12 hours to dry. However, it can take longer in rooms with poor circulation, cold air, or high levels of humidity.

Q2: Can you clean my area rug in my home?

    • We prefer to clean your area rug in our facility so that we don’t harm your wood or laminate floors with the amount of water that we will need to use for the cleaning. We offer a pick-up and delivery service.

Exterior Cleaning

Q1: How does a water-fed cleaning system work and when is this an ideal technology to use?

    • A water-fed cleaning system uses purified water pumped through telescopic poles complete with cleaning brushes at the end to clean windows of all types and easily access upper floor windowpanes. Ordinary tap water is full of minerals and sediment that cause the streaking and spotting left on windows when left to dry. Our system purifies ordinary tap water through reverse osmosis and de-ionisation by passing it through a series of filters. This water leaves a crystal-clear finish and is completely harmless to your garden and the environment.
    • The water-fed pole system reduces the need for ladders, lowering the risk of injury. The system is perfect for reaching those hard-to-reach windows on two-story and walk-out homes, as well as skylights. It is also not just limited to windows but can also clean conservatories, soffits, solar panels, and commercial signage.

Q2: How often should I clean my windows?

    • Window cleaning professionals recommend that windows should be cleaned about every 6 months in order to minimize calcification and maintain crystal-clear views.

Q3: What cleaning products do you use to wash windows and why?

    • We use purified water pumped through telescopic poles. This has become a staple method for window cleaners, and we prefer it because it is better for the environment as it uses no chemicals. The purified water also leaves no residue, just a sparkling finish.

Q4: How often should I pressure wash my exterior?

    • Most experts recommend that pressure washing a house should be part of routine maintenance and that it should be done every 6 months or at least once a year. Regular pressure washing increases curb appeal and minimizes damage from environmental contaminants.

Auto Detailing

Q1: Do you clean RVs?

    • Yes, we clean RV’s too.

Q2: Do you clean engines?

    • Yes, we can clean your engine and remove years of grime.

Gutter Cleaning

Q1: Can you make repairs as well?

    • Yes, we can repair certain types of damage on gutters. We would send someone out for an inspection to assess the damage and make a determination.

Q2: Do you use safety equipment while working on a roof?

    • Absolutely. All our staff are trained in the appropriate use of safety equipment (PPE) when working from rooftops.

Blind Cleaning

Q1: Are you able to take my blinds down and reinstall them for me?

    • Yes, we have two cleaning options for you. We can either clean your blinds in your home or in our facility. We also offer a delivery service.

Q2: What kind of repairs are you able to do?

    • We can fix broken strings and replace the strings on several kinds of blinds. Call us and we can discuss the needs of your particular blinds.

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