When you experience smoke or water damage, it’s a life-changing event.

From first call to final delivery, we're committed to making the fabric, electronics, and hard contents restoration process as easy as possible. Here's how we get you back on track as past as possible.

FRSTeam restores your belongings.
You reclaim your life.

When you’ve experienced fire or water damage, it’s a life-changing event.

But we have the specialized equipment and the skilled, caring people to help you recover more personal items than ever.  We do what it takes so your life gets back to normal, faster.

Your Rush Order

Your life doesn’t stop after an emergency-we make sure you get what you need within 24-48 hours of our visit, whether it’s a uniform for work, school clothes for the kids, or a beloved stuffed animal to help your little one sleep through the night.

Our Process

We coordinate with your insurance company and pack out all your damaged clothes and electronics.  We keep you updated every step of the way and get back your clothing and your computers, without any trace of smoke, soot, or odour.


Your kitchen needs its toaster.  Your kids need their TVs and game systems.  And what’s a home gym without a treadmill, or an office without a computer? Get all your home electronics back to their pre-loss conditions.

Hard Contents

Personal touches transform a house into a home. Your dining room furniture, favourite dishes, and the painting you inherited from mom. Let us restore your home’s unique style as well as your peace of mind.


Some things you just can’t replace.  Your lucky sweater, those great fitting jeans, the suede shoes you wore on your anniversary.  Don’t worry, your wardrobe can be saved.  No matter what the material, we remove all the soot stains and smoke odour and get your purses, shoes and clothing back to normal.

Linens & Bedding

Open your closet or your curtains to familiar freshness. We remove smoke, soot, and water-stains from towels, drapes, and more.

Our Process
Learn About Our Process:

Intro Call

We reach out to you within minutes and schedule the best time to meet with you.

Arrive On Site

Your assigned specialist comes to your home.  We’ll coordinate with your insurance company and pack out the damaged electronics and textiles, putting aside emergency items that need to be cleaned immediately.

Photo Documentation

Your items are inventoried, and photo documented so you have an easier time throughout the claims process.

Deliver Rush Emergency Order

Within 24-48 hours you’ll get back two weeks’ worth of clothing, bedding and other essential personal items.  Within 3 days, you’ll reunite with your personal computers or game consoles.

Check ins

Your specialist follows up to see how you’re doing, answers any questions, and sees whether you need additional items pulled from storage.

Final Delivery

When you’re ready to move back in, we deliver cleaned items back to the rooms they belong in.  All invoicing is handled directly with your insurance company, you just need to unpack your freshly cleaned belongings.

You Can Count On

Immediate Relief
Whether it’s a suit for Monday’s meeting, a soccer uniform, or your favorite flannel sheets, we start with an Emergency Order, so you have your family’s most important items cleaned and delivered within 24-48 hours. Expect your personal computers and most important electronics restored within 3 days.

Peace of Mind
Keeping you informed helps you feel in control. Whether your first question is “When am I going to see my things again?” or “What’s happening next?” you’ll be fully informed at every stage. From sharing timelines to periodic check-ins, we keep you in the loop.

One call takes care of it all. We coordinate with your insurance company and pack out your affected items. Your electronics and textiles (clothes, curtains, rugs and more) will be removed, thoroughly cleaned and securely stored until you’re ready for delivery.

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Trusted by families across the United States and Canada FRSTeam specializes in making fabric, electronics, and hard contents restoration as easy as possible.

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